All the things a regular girl has to do in order to make her Gearhead boyfriend happy, and satisfy all of his wishes…In most cases, it`s us, the guys, who are complaining about all the things we have to do, to truly win the heart of the girl we like. But today we`ve decided to show you an interesting and intriguing video that shows the things from a (little bit) different perspective! A girlfriend of a classic Gearhead named Marion, who is `sacrificing` herself, in order to indulge her boyfriend`s wishes. Which in her case means, she`s getting behind the wheel of his fine E39 BMW M5, and tries to drift it, for the first time in her life!

In a case your first thought is, “Well, it shouldn`t be so difficult”, did we forget to mention that this is her first time driving a car with a manual transmission? That`s right, there`s a really tough challenge in front of the poor Marion!

I do not know whether you remember your first time when you actually tried to drift, but I sure remember mine, and I got to say that it wasn`t as easy as I imagined while watching all those guys like Ken Block, Daigo Saito, and everyone else. Plus, I`m always driving a car with a manual transmission. So seeing Marion trying to burn some rubber with that fine beamer, without having a single day of experience of driving a ride that has a clutch, it`s quite admirable!

But, you better have a look at the clip yourselves, and then you can tell us what you think about it in the comment section below! And since we`re at the subject of drifting, go to this link if you want to read an interesting article about the best drift cars in the world!