DAIGO SAITO Makes An Insane Drift Jump With His Toyota Mark II JZX100 At The Ebisu Circuit! What A TALENT!

If you are wearing headphones, we warn you, adjust them before watching this video! The commentator`s reaction is very loud! And if you wonder what makes them so hyped, we will be more than happy to provide you with the answer! It is the crazy drift jump that famous drifter Daigo Saito makes at the Ebisu Circuit!

After watching this video, we completely understand the Japanese commentators! It is not an easy task to drift like that, especially after a jump! Daigo Saito is undoubtedly one talented driver! In addition, the footage was recorded in the 5th round of the D1 Grand Prix, at Ebisu Circuit. It represents one of the premier drifting tracks in the world, and probably the perfect place for a drift jump like this one! But even that was not enough to win him the race, as Daigo Saito finished only at 4th place. At the very least, we have this video of him making this great drift!

Furthermore, the car he drifts with in this video is a Toyota Mark II JZX100. He has been operating this big sedan for quite some time now, and he is a master at driving it! His Toyota Mark II JZX100 has 800 horsepower, enabling it to defy physics like it did in this video! No wonder Daigo Saito has been in the drift world for so long!

He has come a long way, ever since he started drifting at the age of 18, with a Mini Cooper! But learning from your mistakes is a sure way to improve yourself, especially when it comes to a driving technique like drifting! We will now leave you to witness Daigo Saito and his Toyota Mark II JZX100 in action, as they make one of the best drifts ever caught on tape! Enjoy the video, and be amazed by the reaction of the commentators!

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