DRIFTING OPEL KADETT Sleeper Powered By A BMW M60 Motor!

Have you ever been in a situation to be all alone on the highway and get an idea to start driving recklessly, hoping and assuming that there won`t be a police patrol car hidden somewhere? As far as we are concerned, we have been! However, we are exemplary drivers and we do not perform such exhibitions on an open road. We do not encourage, but at the same tame we do not condemn those who try to do so. As long as nobody`s safety is concerned. This Opel Kadett sleeper is capable of doing so, whatsoever.

DRIFTING An Old-School Opel Kadett Powered By A BMW M60 Motor 2

The video you have the chance to see below, is the perfect example of what we said above. There is this guy, drifting with his car on the open road, but it is empty and he does not jeopardize anyone`s safety, except his. Anyway, this driver is drifting with an Opel Kadett which has a motor from another German carmaker. It is a word of the BMW M60 engine! Seems like this motor gives a new life to this old-school Opel Kadett sleeper. In addition to this, you can enjoy the different points of view are offered in this video, which allow you to observe every motion in details!

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This Driver Knows How To Drift!

Posted by Drifting -- Tuning on Monday, October 5, 2015