Hello my dear fellow drifting aficionados! Here we go with a video clip that would be a real adrenaline rush experience for all those amongst you who have a special place in their hearts for watching merciless tire shredding, and for the ultimate Japanese rocket-sleds, the Nissan GTR R35, in a hardcore HKS GTR modified variant!

As you could have read in the title above, today we have prepared you an exciting three minute video with the Japanese drift maestro Daigo Saito, from the moments when he is testing his powerful 1000 HP HKS Nissan GTR R35, preparing himself for the 2015 Formula Drift.

As aforementioned, it is a clip that will be a real bull-eye for all those who are in love with the one and only Nissan GTR, because I believe that it would not be wrong if I say that his awesome beast is probably one of the best Nissan GTR drift cars out there. And this shakedown is just a taste of what we are about to see from this drift-master in the following months.

So, without further adieu, check out the video and enjoy his awesome performance. And if you want to get more details about his HKS GTR, go to this link.