Gravity-defying: Amazing Range Rover Evoque Skate Park Stunt Drive With An SUV in Asia’s Biggest Skate Park … MUST WATCH!

We`ve seen a lot of unusual stunts and tricks throughout the years, but this here stunt is something pretty much different. It is a stunt where a particular Range Rover goes to a place where it is not destined to. However, who cares about destiny and rules, this here vehicles goes there anyway! It is the exceptional Ranger Rover Evoque with an even more exceptional driver! What you are about see in the footage below is one bold Range Rover Evoque skate park stunt!

Of course, the skate park, as the name refers, is a place for skateboarders with their skateboards! Not a playground for SUV drivers! However, the Land Rover Experience team in China figured they can try out their SUV in this totally hostile environment for an SUV! The ultimate test where all possible laws of nature are defied! The Range Rover Evoque skate park stunt!

This here stunt happened in not just the biggest skate park in China, but in whole of Asia as well! The Range Rover Evoque here starts slowly entering the enormous and dangerous skate pit! It slowly descends on two freaking wheels and managing to prevail and descend down the drain! The Range Rover Evoque skate park stunt here is proving the mightiness of the Evoque suspension! This stunt is very intense as well! You can see the Evoque on the brink of rolling over!

Now, we don`t know if this here Evoque is totally stock or specially made one for this stunt. Whatever the case might be, it is one very bold and original move! Someone may ask, what is the point of doing a stunt like this? Well, Range Rover did first class marketing with this one, proving everyone the mightiness of their Evoque SUV model!

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Enjoy the video below!

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