Stunning 18 Wheeler Truck Drift After Hitting A Fallen Tree! Mad Skills By This Trucker!

Any type of accident involving a truck with a trailer has the potential to be hellishly devastating. A commercial truck can cause an accident with hellish proportions due to its enormous weight and size! All commercial trucks can weigh up to 80.000 pounds and can pull up to 28 ft. double trailers! That is a lot of weight! Imagine all this weight with 2 ft. of piercing metal roaming towards your vehicle! Pretty terrifying indeed. You can guess what immeasurable catastrophe that can cause. Never thought this would be said, but, 18 wheeler truck drift skills sure come in handy sometimes!

In this video caught on tape, we have just that, but, without the hellishly catastrophic outcome. This dash cam footage shows a semi-trailer rushing around a corner and managing to narrowly avoid crashing into a parked truck. The reason behind this jackknife is a fallen tree and the driver of the truck trying to avoid it. This driver sure had a close shave with death!

The owner of this dash cam footage is Carlisle River. Carlisle River reported to Nine News that she feared death! The very thought that came through her head was that she is about to get wacked instantly. She also reported that she doesn`t know how close the truck got to her. She just ran!

This unusual truck drift incident is one thing, but the truck driver`s skills are an entirely different matter. These truck drift skills that he possess look extraordinary. He totally drifts that 18 wheeler like a boss while trying to avoid the fallen tree on the road and plus avoiding to crash into Carlisle River`s vehicle.

The physics behind the truck driver`s truck drift skills can be explained. In order to regain control of his jackknifing truck one has to let go of the brakes right at the moment his truck starts to jackknife. Most people would probably hit the brakes and stayed on them as hard as possible. So, for this, we salute this truck driver for his outstanding 18 wheeler drifting skills and because of these skills, saving lives.

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