PROSPEED Viper Puts Down 1900WHP & Huge Fireballs On The Dyno!

Racers never stop when it comes to making their cars faster. They are never stopping even if their machine is already shattering records. That`s exactly what PROSPEED that were formerly known as D3 Engineering are doing. They named this PROSPEED Viper Barney and is painted in a magnificent shade of Purple. The shade of Purple sure make this car stand out when it`s on the dragstrip. This car also has the reputation for eating half-mile drag events for breakfast. Now, we have a magnificent video of Barney being tested on the dyno and shattering the entire room with its monstrous soundtrack.

The soundtrack is no joke because this car is equipped with a pair of huge Precision turbos. Here on the Dyno it manages to put down staggering 1900 WHP and 1870 pound-feet of torque. However, when racing on the drag strip, these guys are actually turning the performance up! Yeah folks, these guys are that competitive with their PROSPEED Viper. However, they still haven`t reached their goal which is the 200 mph mark. Nevertheless, they were extremely close at 194 mph. According to some analysis, the car needs a couple of changes to its gearing. However, we are sure eventually they will reach their goal.

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