Ford Raptor Gets Executed By A Diesel Cummins Truck On The Drag Strip! The Raptor Never Saw That Coming!

You can see many unusual occurrences at the drag strip. This video that you are about to watch below is definitely one of those situations! It`s a drag racing video between a stock Ford F-150 Raptor and a very special Diesel Cummins Truck! It doesn`t matter if you are a Cummins fan or not! We are pretty positive that you`ll be left in awe after witnessing the might of the Dodge Cummins in this video! At the very beginning of this video you`ll find something very funny! The guy in the Ford Raptor is playing a song from Shakira at full blast! The worse ever motivation for a drag race! When the drag race begins, the Raptor is at front and looks like it`s having a pretty good pace! However, the following turn of events will definitely leave you jaw-dropped! While the Raptor`s driver is being very confident, the Cummins is gaining momentum! When the diesel Cummins truck begins to up his pace, quickly after it manages to totally leave the Raptor in the distance!

When the diesel Cummins truck overtakes the Raptor, the Raptor driver`s reaction is priceless! His reactions are adding to the confusion that has befallen him! At first, he is like “Noooooo” and then when the Cummins begins to disappear in the distance he starts to yell “Moonicaaaa” – a famous reference from the Fast and Furious franchise!

Some of you may think that this video is staged because you can`t hear that 6.2 on the Raptor loud enough. Well, they are actually not that loud. You also got to take into consideration that a stock Raptor goes 103mph on a ½ mile! A stock Raptor doesn`t have much more in it than that! On the other side, this Diesel Cummins truck is definitely modded! No stock truck can fly like that on the drag strip!