1687HP on the Dyno! This Monster SUPRA is a GAME CHANGER!

Before watching the following video of this monster Supra tested on the dyno, all you have to do is to put the volume to the max and simply enjoy. Namely, these guys decided to test their beast on the dyno and the results are truly shocking! They carefully place the car on the dyno and secure it up with straps. After wiring up the car with the computer they run several different tests. In the first one, they test the car with a low boost – 93 octane fuel and get 1117 HP. But that is just the beginning.

In the next one, they test the monster Supra with a high boost plus a VP race fuel. The sound it makes is simply beautiful, and in this second test they were able to get as much as 1350 HP! But it does not stop here and on the final test with a high boost, VP race fuel PLUS a NOS, they were able to get brilliant 1687 HP! The guys seem to be excited and they should be. Funny enough, while the final test was taking place, two of them sat at the trunk of the Toyota, and when the NOS kicked in even they were amazed!

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