The Toyota GT86 Concept Is Actually Based On The Anime Series “Initial D”! Toyota Manga Gallery Inside!

Toyota GT86 Concept 3
Many people see the Toyota GT86 as the successor of the iconic Corolla AE86, and it is easy to see why. Both of these cars share the same prominence on fun and RWD handling without letting the power go overboard! That is why, Toyota has fortified that connection even further, by revealing their Toyota GT86 concept!

The gallery below presents the Toyota GT86 concept made in a manga style based on “Initial D”! We can see from these art concept pictures that the GT86 will feature Watanabe RS allow wheels, Fujitsobo exhaust system, and a carbon fiber bonnet! There are also tinted fog lights glowing yellow! Check out the amazing gallery below and give us your thoughts!

Toyota GT86 Concept 5