Exactly As An Earthquake! The Easiest Way To Wake Up Your Neighbors! 15.000 Subwoofer In Action!

For all of you audiophiles we have yet another video for you to check out! Last time we reported about an immensely powerful bass system that manages to disintegrate a bag of chips with great ease! That incredible bass system was 30.000 watts strong! The powerful woofer we are talking about in this video is only half as powerful because it`s 15.000 watts. However, 15.000 watts is not a force to be reckoned with! It still manages to shake the entire house!

Powerful woofer like this one in the video can be a huge problem for your neighbors. Especially if you live in a building. Because, low frequencies like bass can travel through walls. So, even if you listen on low volume the bass won`t be absorbed by regular walls. Your neighbors will feel its impact, like shaking walls and whatnot. So, if you buy a powerful woofer like this one and you want to bass this loud, you better live in a standalone house!

This video may be a bit fake, since the music doesn`t cut on pauses but still an awesome idea by YouTuber Sean Bobiz! We can see the walls of his house shaking, various items falling of their shelves, clothes falling down from his closet, key chains going along to the tune of Lil Wayne. At the end of the video a woman that`s possibly his mother comes in and tells him to turn the volume down. She tells him that the entire house is shaking, things are falling of shelves and that the neighbors may call the police.

Imagine you and your buddies cruising down the street in this Toyota Tacoma that is armored with a 15.000 watts woofer? You`ll be shaking people`s houses like a boss! People will think an earthquake with huge proportions is at large!

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