CAR FLIP PRANK! Watch How VITALY Pranked His Mother In Dubai!

YouTube celebrities are gaining popularity each and every day, thanks to the modern technology we have on our disposal nowadays! One such person is Vitaly, an American with Russian background. Some of you may already know him, but if this person does not sound familiar to you, this is probably the perfect moment to get to know him. In the video you are about to watch, Vitaly decided to prank his mom, and this is not the first time doing so! But of course, he has thought of something new. Namely, Vitaly and his mother went to Dubai and this is where he decided to do the car flip prank. There is no wrong place for Vitaly to prank other people!

He told his mom that they are going to have dinner at some nice place, a drone will be recording their ride etc. Anyway, little did his mother know is that the people in the Middle East love to go fast (she is scared of speed) and they adore driving their vehicles on the two side wheels! At the end, she found that out in the hard way! Make sure to watch the car flip prank until the end to see how Vitaly`s mom pranked and freaked out everybody else!

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