Josh Paler Lin is another YouTube star that has become successful with his society pranks videos that will surely make you rethink how our society functions. After witnessing the fact that people are not treated equally, Josh has come up with an idea to do a special Homeless vs Rich prank in order to show people the opinions and prejudices that dictate the general behavior.

So, here is the story. At first, Josh appears in front of expensive and fancy restaurants dressed up as a homeless person that asks for the menu and an entrance inside. And here come the stupid reactions. Although Josh mentions that he has money, the bodyguards and the receptionists eject him right away, telling him that he cannot enter the restaurant.  Why? They don`t have an exact answer.

However, an hour later, Josh appears at the same restaurants with a brand new Ferrari. Without even saying a word, the welcoming guests` crew members look at him like a God. They open the door of his vehicle, warmly welcome him at the restaurant and BAM – he tells them that they have not treated him the same way before. Don`t miss their reactions in this homeless vs rich prank!

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