Immensely Powerful 30,000 Watts Bass System That Can Disintegrate A Bag Of Chips! What A Bass Trick This Is!

If you are an audiophile and want your bass powerful and music loud while driving, this video is for you! This bass system in the video will sure amaze you with its immense power it produces! And what a way to test the power of this bass system. The guy in the video is performing one hell of a bass trick!

There are many sound systems which are built in a professional capacity. We all know they can pack an extra punch. And, we also know that the builders can get very inventive with how they modify that punch. In this very video, you can checkout this immensely powerful 30,000 Watts bass system which was put together by Steve Meade. And Steve Meade sure made that extra punch possible to the extent that can disintegrate a bag of chips! Some bass trick, huh?!

And the feeling is great! The feeling when you see this bass trick into play. However, when this very powerful bass system disintegrates the bag of chips a man can`t stop but wonder…is this really safe? Probably not! There must be some side effects at listening to bass this loud while driving your car. Like for instance, hearing loss. With a volume higher than 90 decibels that is bound to happen at some point. But, of course, most probably Steve Meade is a smart fellow and is not doing this constantly while driving. Nor should you!

As you will see in the video, eating a bag of chips while head banging to some loud rap music close to a Steve Meade bass system is not a clever move. Because, as this video can prove, the bag of chips will explode right into your freaking face!

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