Hair Trick Thanks To The High And Strong Bass On Dark Horse By Katy Perry!

People have fun in different ways. We all have our own things that make us enjoy life more and more! However, music is something that we all have in common. From the East to the West, everyone listens to music. And while there are many types and kinds of music and songs, some mainstream tunes are present everywhere. Such is the song “Dark Horse” by Kate Perry. You may like her and her music or not, but the hair trick that a girl in this video does is amazing!

Now, the hair trick might not be that smart, but it is hilarious! She and her boyfriend are at a fast food drive through. They are in their truck, listening to music as the new hit that will probably reach billion views – Dar Horse starts playing! If you have ever listened to this song, you know that the bass is amazing here. Hard and boosted it makes your body shiver!

But, if you know a bit of physics, you know that wave propagation in a medium disturbs the hair. Like a wave for example. Anyway, that`s not as important as this hair trick! The girl in the video turns to the camera as her hair goes wild! The base goes up and her hair goes all around the place. She completes the best hair trick ever!

We hope this girl was wearing the earplugs! The song is Dark Horse by Katy Perry and as you can notice it is Slowed and with Boosted Bass!

Feel free to share your opinion with us! Check out this Truck‘s Serious Bass & The Best Hair Trick EVER! Plus, if you want to see watch more cool videos, stay tuned.

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