Drag Race Explosion! Differential Explodes And Punctures Gas Tank At The TX2K16!

In the world of drag racing, we just recently saw its capital moving temporarily to Texas. We saw a lot of action at the TX2K16. TX2K16 delivered a lot of drag strip thrills. But, as we can see in this video not all of the races deserved applause because of a drag race explosion.

The pickup category drag race saw a differential exploding on a Nissan`s rear. As the Nissan was preparing for takeoff, the differential decided otherwise. But, the differential had to cope with a lot of stress given the pumped up parts of the engine and the immense power of the grip. Plus, the prepped surface in combination with the slick racing tires gave its fair share of stress to the differential to explode and the Nissan to experience a drag race explosion.

We may be all inclined to think that in this drag strip machine the owner was cutting corners when building it. But you should know that this isn`t the original Nissan`s differential. In fact, in this Nissan we have a good old Ford nine inch differential. And if you pay attention to the soundtrack in the video, you may notice we are dealing with a blue oval hardware.

While this may all look amusing with the crankshaft spinning in mid-air, it was not really for the spectators. The drag race explosion meant that a small amount of oil made its way over the starting area. The slippery oil was cleaned right away, but this caused the drag race to be put on hold. So you can see why it wasn`t that fun for the spectators there. The spectators were very annoyed just like the owner of this vehicle.

But, the only part that needed to be replaced in the Nissan wasn`t just the differential. The drag race explosion damaged the gas tank as well. The gas tank was damaged because when the differential exploded a shrapnel hit the gas tank, puncturing it. And with sparks flying everywhere under the car, this dragster explosion could`ve become a great tragedy. Luckily, fire wasn`t a part of this drag race explosion episode.

We can see this dragster explosion thanks to 1320video.

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