CRAZY Tractor DRAG RACING: Kubota Yard Tractor VS Mitsubishi Pickup!

Surprises are one the things that are making life interesting and beautiful as it is. And when drag racing is at question, unusual things can often happen. So, if you are into unusual vehicles being more than a challenge, the drag strip is the place for you. In the video bellow we have one unusual drag race (to say the least) between a Mitsubishi pickup truck and funny looking Kubota farm tractor, with absolutely surprising outcome in this crazy tractor drag racing!

And to tell you straight away, even though at first you may also get impression that this drag race pair is coming from the American Hillbilly races, it is actually a video from Drag competition in Thailand. It is probably one of the very few places where one can see tuned up farm tractor with a Kubota engine racing a Diesel pickup truck.

As the two competitors are preparing for the start of the race, I was not even sure if that thing (the tractor) is going to move at all, but when the race begins, things turn out to be very different from those first impressions. As soon as the green lights appear, the tractor speeds up like crazy leaving the Mitsubishi Pickup behind to eat dust. This proves that first impression can always deceive.

You can feel the same thing at the voice and comments of the official event speaker, even though you won`t understand a single word. But for some things, words are even superfluous – the video says it all! This tractor drag racing video speaks for itself!

We are uncertain how safe this tractor really is though. And unfortunately, we don`t have any information about this crazy farm tractor`s power output. But one thing is certain, this mad creation sure is super-fast! This means that you should be very careful when you battle against the little guy on a drag-strip in Thailand. Everything is possible.

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