Male Version Of Janice From FRIENDS! 1978 Ford Fairmont!

Social pranks are gaining popularity with each and every passed day. The reason is pretty simple, they make us all laugh. However, in order to make a successful prank, you have to be original. Even if you decide to play a character with mental development disorder. If you are original, and lucky enough to go viral then you are golden. Like this guy in the video below. If you have seen it before you know what is all about and you are a click away from a good laugh, again. For the other readers of ours who have no idea what`s this, we are about to describe this 1978 Ford Fairmont prank in short.

Would You Just Look At This 1978 Ford Fairmont Janice From FRIENDS 3

At the beginning we see a middle aged man, wiping the windows of his 1978 Ford Fairmont. You are going to see that he is a very proud owner of this vehicle, judging by the way he talks about it! Anyway, then the would-you-look-at-that prankster comes and the show begins! He says “would you look at that” constantly, throughout the whole length of this recording in every possible situation, making the car owner really uncomfortable after a while. Believe us, it is going to make your day!

At last, follow this link if you want to see the brand new Falcon F7 supercar in one stunning burnout action. You will be amazed by its powerful sound!

Look at this car! Would ya just look at it?

Posted by Street FX Motorsport & Graphics on Wednesday, May 6, 2015