Have You Ever Seen 15 Built GTR Godzilla On The Drag Race Session?

Have You Ever Seen 15 Built Gtr Godzilla GTRs On The Drag Race Session? These guys has made a very nice show! I want to see more action from these fantastic ride, especially from the blue GT-R with slick tires!

The Sacramento Raceway has something FANTASTIC to show you! Dear Gearheads, beware! This video is for all of you who ADORE the GODZILLA GTRs! That is why this video will show you a whole family of GODZILLA BUILT GTRs -- 15 to be precise! Oh, yeah! We have 15 of these babies and we are ready to DRAG RACE! Which one is your favorite, you will have tough choice, since there are 15 MAGNIFICENT rides for you to choose! Anyway, they are all perfect and they remark perfect results on the 1/4 mile! Please, check out the video and give us your opinion!

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See how Nissan Skyline became Gt-r Godzilla, one of the best editions on the market! Check it out on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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