Fastest Nissan GTR Breaks ¼ Mile US Record With 7.43s Run! Watch The Epic Performance!

When it comes to the Nissan GTR, it`s clearly the most sought car for tuning enthusiasts. It packs a versatile engine that can be easily tuned to preposterous levels of performance. The Nissan GTR is also all-wheel drive. Oh, and don`t forget to send it over to T1 Race Development. The guys that managed to smash the ¼ mile world record with a 7.43s run with their latest creation, the fastest Nissan GTR!

The pinnacle of straight line time trials is of course setting the new US record! And this usual culprit the Nissan GTR manages to do just that. The Fastest Nissan GTR was tuned and modified by T1 Race Development. Before the Nissan GT-R was put at the drag strip to smash the ¼ mile US record, it set a brand new DYNO record. So this may not come to a big surprise if you take into consideration that before putting the Nissan to the test at the drag strip, it was the most powerful Nissan ever DYNOed!

Always comes the time when the old guys need to step aside for the new generation. And this new fastest Nissan GTR overtakes the throne, thanks to all the effort these guys at T1 race development put in. Such a tremendous achievement. These guys are bound to break a lot of records in the future if they keep up this amazing work they are doing.

This fastest Nissan GTR managed to make an amazing 7.43s run at 196 miles per hour during the TX2k16 event. This doesn`t just top the previous record holder time but it downright obliterates it! And when it comes to ¼ mile runs, a thousandths of a second can mean everything. So you can all see by how much the previous record holder was obliterated by the fastest Nissan GTR. We can all see this in action at the drag strip thanks to 1320 videos.

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