This Clown HIDDEN CAMERA Video Is Either Hilarious or Dumb!

Shopping malls are places where we go to hang out with friends and family, buy some food, drinks, new clothes etc. Basically to spend our leisure time. Because nowadays it gets harder and harder to find spare time, the least we want is somebody to interrupt us while we enjoy it. However, someone else finds is amusing to ridicule other people for no reason at all. If you are just a spectator from the side, the following situation may seem fun. But it wouldn`t be fun at all if you were in the victim`s shoes. That lady got completely baffled and jitter at the same time by the clown hidden camera prank. As a matter of fact, who wouldn`t?

So what happens exactly in this clown hidden camera? There is this lady who uses the escalator and on the other side a man dressed as a clown appears holding a cake in his hand. Then all of a sudden, without a reason, the clown slams the cake in this woman`s face. She immediately starts confronting but there is not much she can do about it. To make things worse she gets not one, but two more cakes in her face and the clown makes fun of her the whole time. What do you think of this situation?

At last, follow this link to watch a more decent prank about a drive-thru robot driver! The reactions of the cashiers will definitely make your day!