Motorcycle FAIL Will Make You LAUGH Your Way To 6-Pack Abs!

There is almost no one in this World that does not have a thing for motorcycles. Even if there are, they are few to talk about. If you are a Motor Head, then you know that every beginning is tough, especially when you are learning how to ride a motorcycle! Maybe this is a reason why we should not laugh at this guy, but his motorcycle FAIL to ride a bike is just HILARIOUS!

However, we have a beginner rider, who even has a guy to shoot a video of him as he rides a motorcycle! What he did not know, is that he would go viral, but in a negative way as the Whole world laughs at his attempt to run that beast of a bike! What he does, is having the bike in neutral all the time, that falling along with the bike in slowest, most stupid way ever to be seen by the human eye! This motorcycle fail is so hilarious because he probably did not get hurt even a little bit but still fell with his whole body with the bike covering him from the feet to the neck! Go, have a proper laugh!

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