A Car vs Bike Matchup Starts With AN EPIC FAIL! You Will Not Be Able To STOP LAUGHING At This Guy!

Do not get too excited there! We all want to see a matchup such as this one but it looks like we are going to have to wait a little bit. If you want to know the reason why, ask the motorbike rider that seems to be a little distracted! While everything is set to go, our biker just remembered that he doesn`t know how to get his bike going, resulting in an epic fail! After forgetting to put the bike into 1st gear, he panics and crashes the bike!

You would think that a biker willing to race a car has more experience than this guy, but who knows what happened. However,even dough it really is a funny video to watch, we are not here to make fun of anyone. It could probably happen to everyone, even to the very best ones! We understand the little fella`… It is not easy to focus on the race while a gorgeous blonde wearing a halter top is doing the countdown!  Good thing he was not injured and everyone around him is safe. So go to the video bellow, you look like you could use a good laugh at this epic fail!