This Outerlimits Powerboat Is Packing 2600 HP! Sounds Incredible!

Just another Outerlimits Powerboat with an enormous amount of power -- 2600 HP!

Outerlimits Powerboat 2600 HP powerful boat jet 2

Ahh, the days at the beach, just swimming along, sunbathing and maybe revving up a huge engine or two and speeding across the gulf. This Outerlimits powerboat was built for that, and the guys who own it want to demonstrate just how awesome this thing is. They don`t have to do much – as soon as they start it up we start to get the picture. This thing roars like an angry lion on his 4th day without any food, and it throws back enough water to fill a medium sized pool in seconds.

If you ever thought about the concept of “fun at the beach“, this video is probably 90% of it. When you have two engines this big strapped to a boat this small in comparison, you know it`s going to be fun!

And I`m not even overstating it – these engines are huge! This Outerlimits powerboat has two of them, and each has 1300 horsepower on regular fuel, while they pump out 1650 on race fuel. That`s 3300 horsepower in one boat! No wonder this thing smokes like a chimney when it`s run on dry land.

However, when it`s on water, the little boat nearly flies on the water – its engines are so strong and it`s going so fast that it barely touches the sea, while at the same time filling its driver and any observers with a very intense rush of adrenaline.

There is even a little segment of two boats like this racing, but since we`re focusing on the one with the 3300 horsepower, you probably have an idea about how that race goes. Hint: the one with the big engines wins. Thoughts?

For more info about the Outerlimits Powerboats, visit the official website.