Jeep vs Swimming Pool! Fail or Win – You Decide!

People these days can make fun out of literary everything. Doing a simple task in the usual and boring way is not exciting. So what not make it fun! What we can see in the following video is exactly that, the guys had a simple task of disposing all the water in the pool, which could have been done with a water pump, but they decided to do it the funny way. Jeep vs swimming pool, does it ring a bell to you already? Yes, that is correct; they decided to take down the pool with a Jeep.

They built a small ramp which should launch the Jeep straight into the pool thus breaking it completely. Or at least that was the plan. We see the Jeep speeding towards it, and when it finally jumps, it gets stuck inside the pool. It did not even manage to break a piece of it. Everyone get a good laugh out of it. What they end up doing is cutting the pool off using a saw-machine. The water splashes all over the yard, which was their original plan at first. Watch the video till the end and decide for yourself whether this was a fail or a win?

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