Jeep Pushes BMW Parked On Two Parking Spots!

As you can see on the video below a Jeep pushes BMW parked on two parking spots! We are not sure where this happened, however the owner of this BMW parked on two parking spaces near the shopping mall. So, this guy in a custom made Jeep Wrangler pushed the BMW into one spot and damaged the rear wing of the car.

Jeep Pushes BMW 4

Anyway, there was plenty of parking spots on the parking lot, so these guys did not need to this. No one gives you a right to damage someone else car, however I can’t understand the driver who park their cars like the guy with the BMW.

Some people think this video was staged, but I think no one would damage a BMW just for a Youtube video…

What do you think? Was this video staged or this really happen in some parking lot in US? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us and tell us what do you think about this situation. Also, please share this great post with your friends on Facebook and other social media.