Gas Station Fail! This Woman Forgets To Pull The Brake On Her Bentley!

Human stupidity has no limits. If you have the cash to get yourself a Bentley, by all means do so, but if you are also someone like this woman, you might want to consider a cheaper alternative. Getting a Bentley usually doesn`t mean that you have to go to normal commercial parking spaces, but since this Bentley owner did, the least she could have done is take care of what`s going on with her car! This gas station fail is by far one of the most amusing ones.

She casually jumps out of her luxurious car and goes to pay the parking ticket, but the Bentley had other plans! Since she forgot to pull the handbrake, her car decides it`s time for a stroll and just keeps on strolling forward… Right into the wall to complete the gas station fail! Of course, she realizes this but instead of jumping in the car she attempts to do something unfamiliar to both ourselves and logic. The Bentley doesn`t care that she`s in full-blown panic mode and just keeps on strolling forward. I wonder how much that one little mistake cost. It couldn`t have been cheap! There is a lesson to be learned here – whenever you get out of your car, just pull the handbrake.

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