Funny Bike Accident! BIKER Landed In A Truck Bed! Be Careful On The Road!

One of the most important things on traffic is safety. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who couldn`t care less about the safety of others or even their own safety while they are on the road! We are sharing a video of a funny bike accident that could have been easily avoided! However, the biker seems to be quite distracted from everything. Thanks to this dash cam, we have footage of this really weird accident that happened in New South Wales in Australia. Traffic was going rather slow on the highway, and a small pickup truck had to brake to slow down a little bit.

Unfortunately for the pickup truck, behind it was quite possibly the least aware biker we have ever seen. Even though the pickup truck was some 10 feet in front of the biker, the biker didn`t have enough time to react and stop on time. Instead, he hit the truck from behind and landed in the truck bed along with his bike! It might sound unreal, but the footage doesn`t lie! Luckily, the driver wasn`t injured and he can be seen quickly getting up after landing in the truck bed. Watch the video below to see this funny bike accident! Sometimes we wonder how some people get driving licenses.

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