Insanely Modified 933 PORSCHE TURBO Owns The Autobahn! 200MPH With Great Ease!

Remember the film “Super Troopers”? There is a great scene from that movie when a police officer stops a Porsche for speeding. The driver`s excuse is that he was driving on the autobahn for a long time and got used to it. We totally understand that as the Autobahn is like an amusement park for speed freaks. There are sections on the Autobahn that are literally without a speed limit. In this video, we can see a 933 Porsche Turbo that owns this glorious highway in Germany with great ease. The entire video is filmed with a shot of the odometer showing what this German car is capable of.

You can see one awesome piece of machinery that manages to reach 200mph with no effort whatsoever. You can also enjoy the great spooling turbo sounds this machine produce. This is definitely an insanely modified Porsche because no way a stock one can go so fast from 180 to 195. This probably takes double the horsepower the factory offers. Maybe this 933 Porsche turbo is modified to have around 612hp? Whatever the case may be, you can rarely see an older vehicle topping the speedometer like that. You`ll get very confused and think it`s actually KMH but it obviously reads MPH. Click on the footage below and tell us what you think.

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