OFF ROADING In A 700HP Supercharged Shelby F 150 Pickup Truck!

If Shelby did anything remotely close to a monster truck then this must be it! It comes in the form of a Shelby F 150 pickup truck and you can see its staggering performance right in this video. This monstrous creation by Shelby came to birth in joined effort with Tuscany Motor.

700HP Supercharged Shelby F 150 Pickup Truck 2

After releasing 50 Baja 700`s based on the Raptor you would think Shelby reached its peak. Surprisingly, Shelby managed to outdone themselves even this time. The wheels are wrapped up in next-generation All-Terrain BFGoodrich K02 tires and a custom made performance suspension made by Shelby, BDS Suspension and Fox shocks.

However, it wouldn`t be a real Shelby without a proper power upgrade! Even though it is fitted with a similar V8 5.0L engine like the one in the brand new Mustang, this truck comes with an optional supercharger as well. The mods don`t stop here as the Shelby F 150 pickup truck packs a dual exhaust system by Borla which is black-tipped and custom tuned. This doesn`t only add a couple of HP to the equation but it delivers a better sound as well. Total HP output is staggering 700HP! You can see all that power kicking up dust in the video below!

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