There is no doubt that the most important thing about every car is what is under the hood, how much horse and torque power there is, the acceleration, the top speed, and the other technical stuff. But we all know well that the appearance of the car is very important as well, and maybe when it comes to most of the people, who are not such big time Gearheads, it is often the decisive factor when they are choosing which car to buy and drive in the future. And one of the most crucial components in every car`s look, whether it is one of the ultra-powerful American muscles, or any of the well known supercars, is its color. In this case -- Tahitian green.

It is not for nothing why so many car brands and even specific models have a protected formula for their color and they are keeping it as a top secret (in some cases, of course). But having a new color, does not necessarily mean to have a new car, right? What we need is actually a new paint job, and choosing the right color is at the very essence of the whole process.

So, if by some case you are an owner of a Ford Mustang, and want to change your car`s color, the following clip that we have prepared today might be a good inspiration. As you could have read in the title, what you are about to see is the new color called a Tahitian Green, that will be dropped on a DYC Mustang.

So check out the video and see what I`m talking about! And if you really want to replicate this color on your ride, go to this link for more details!