CRAZY Mustang Paint Job! Take A Look At This Insane 1600HP Nitrous Mustang That Will Leave You Speechless!

Most of us are looking for the perfect package in a car! The perfect package that means awesome performance and equally awesome aesthetics. Whether we are talking engine performances or chassis design, as true gearheads we tend to have it all! And some people are focused to the maximum on bringing the best! The ultimate gearheads! Those kind of people and their vehicles will always be present in our spotlight. And today we bring you a video made by 1320 videos that will truly impress you. A guy who brought together performance and aesthetics to the fullest extent! An insane Mustang paint job that lives up to the Mustang`s immense power! That is what we call the perfect package!

If you are a gearhead you will be pretty much fascinated by what this guy managed to do. But, if you are a diehard Mustang fan you`ll simply go nuts for this Mustang! Because what you can see here on this Mustang from an aesthetic point of view is true art. This Mustang paintjob was done by some magical hands indeed!

And we can see this Mustang performing! You shall see a real beast mode in a car right here! The sound that 1600HP is making sounds monstrous! Beside those 1600HP the engine is a gigantic 623ci that shoots out 400 shot of venomous nitrous! And with that insane Mustang paint job the car looks just frighteningly demonic! A car that spawned right out of hell!

When we said that you will see this crazy Mustang performing we were not joking! You will see this hellish car putting up some insane times on a 1/8 mile! With its ravaging speed and monstrous sound it launches with a wheelstand and managing to put out a time of 4.8 sec!

Is this the perfect package and balance between power and aesthetics or what?! Make sure to watch the video below and bask at this Mustang with all its glory!

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