Her PEDAL GOT STUCK & She Drove Over 110MPH For 45 Minutes! INCREDIBLE WILD RIDE!

You know us, we are all about speed on this website! While we normally share videos of races, sometimes we stumble upon something too good not to be shared! Today, we have a high speed car chase for you guys! Although most of the times car chases feature somebody trying to get away from police, this is not the case in this remarkable story! As a matter of fact, the lady driving the Kia Sorento SUV was begging the police to help her stop her vehicle! She was speeding because her gas pedal got stuck and she was unable to figure out how to stop!

This remarkable high speed car chase took place on Missouri highway I-35. While the woman was driving her SUV, she noticed her steering wheel started to shake. Soon afterwards, the SUV sped up out of control! At this time, she called her husband, but after he couldn`t figure out how to stop the SUV, she turned to the police for help. This wild car chase lasted for 45 minutes, and several times she was going 115 miles per hour! Luckily, the 911 operator helped the driver out and she was able to put the car to a stop. Watch the video below to see this craziness!

Anyway, take a look at this insane car chase that happened in Seattle!