How To Make PANCAKES Tutorial! CAT 793B Mining Truck Runs Over Toyota SUV & Squishes It!

Most safety demonstrations typically show pictures of what can go wrong. However, this particular demonstration, which was to show mine workers the dangers of mining trucks, took it to a whole different level. These guys used a Cat 793B mining truck and charged it at a Toyota 100 to show the power a mining truck has. Needless to say, the Toyota was squished like a bug! It went from being 3D to being 2D! We might not be mine workers, but after seeing this video, we learned the dangers of mining trucks! This is why we are sharing this video with you!

Mine workers are constantly exposed to dangers and their job is often classified as one of the most dangerous occupations one can have. It is not unusual to hear tragedies happen in mines. Here, the danger of mining trucks is addressed, and it certainly sends the message well. Although a mining truck like the Cat 793B is not very fast, it is still very potent! Even though its top speed is only 37 mph, it is still more than enough to run over an SUV and completely destroy it! Watch the video below and see it with your own eyes! Stay safe people!

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