Even The Titans Can Fall! Devastating End For These Giant Mining Dump Trucks! Belaz And Komatsu Rolling Over!

Unfortunately, even the biggest and scariest machines out there are not entirely perfect. This compilation can attest that they too can be fragile at given moments. The machines at hand are giant mining dump trucks which you can witness how they fall apart and roll over. To give you a sense just how huge these machines really are, we are just going to say that the Gecko is the pickup truck and these gigantic mining machines are the Tyrannosaurs Rex. So watching these trucks rolling over and catching fire is really an epic spectacle. It`s on scale that is almost unimaginable.

Earthmovers like these can haul up to 640,000 pounds per load. Standing firm under all this weight is a solid steel chassis. Some of them weighs up to staggering 230 tons. The unfortunate giant mining dump trucks in the video are the standard in the mining world – Belaz and Komatsu. You can see them roll of a cliff, hitting in a bridge, catching fire and more. These titans are made for treacherous terrains. However, due to a driver`s error or an unfortunate series of events, accidents happen even for these colossal beasts. To see how the whole situation looked like, watch the video below.

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