BELAZ 75710 – One Of The Biggest Dump Trucks In The World! It Is Scary How Big This Machine Is!

Today we take a look at the biggest dump truck in the world! We present to you the BELAZ 75710, a mountain on 8 wheels! That`s correct! We call it a mountain because this machine is ABSOLUTELY MONSTROUS! In fact, how many trucks are 321 inches high? It is safe to say NOT MANY! And the height of the BELAZ 75710 is certainly not the only thing that is impressive about it! How about a 315 inch wheelbase, 811 inches long and 389 inches wide!

Additionally, in order to make things even more interesting, let`s put in its weight, which stands at a stunning 793 664 lbs! We don`t know what specifications a truck has to have in order to be dubbed as big, but with these dimensions the BELAZ 75710 undoubtedly makes a strong case! Just looking at this dump truck will make you feel really, really small. But we know for sure that that is not its purpose.

This ultra-class haul truck has the world`s biggest and highest payload capacity, at 450 metric tons (496 short tons)! Whatever gets transported in the BELAZ 75710, it reaches its destination in just one go! Furthermore, when it comes to the powertrain, this monster does not disappoint either! Instead of a single engine, this creation is powered by two 65-liter, 16 cylinder diesel engines, each developing 2300 horsepower.

Plus, when the dump truck carries its load, it has both of its engines running, delivering 4600 horsepower in total. It also has a conventional two axle setup, but with dual wheels, which brings its total to 8 wheels! Another interesting thing is, even though it has 8 wheels, the BELAZ 75710 has a four wheel drive and four wheel hydraulic steering! Check out this engineering wonder in the video below!

At last, if you thought that dump trucks cannot drift, watch this video to correct yourself!