So FAST! Enormous Engine Mounted on a Jet Boat!

This is one of the fastest little boats ever recorded. Thanks to its enormous engine this jet boat develops a high speed.

Enormous Engine Jet Boat Fastest 2

As we all know, modifications come in any size and shape, but what happens when you install an enormous engine onto a jet boat? What you get is something utterly frightening. In the following video we take a look at such beast. Though we do not have any information about its power and how long it took to build it, it surely is beautiful. The engine shines and roars like an animal. With its furious red color on the jet boat as well as on the engine it looks that much cooler.

This video is from 2006 Avi Regatta event in which various jet boats are tested. But it seemed as if nothing was anywhere near this one.

At the beginning we see two people getting inside whereas another man is pushing the jet boat with its enormous engine inside the water. It takes some courage to get in it, as it surely is dangerous to drive one, especially if you are an inexperienced driver.

Shortly after, we see the jet boat flying across the lake with people cheering from all over the place. The sound is something extraordinary as you would not expect to hear that from a boat. Though the video is short, it is surely enough to see how this beast flies over the water.

The engine was not tested to its full potential so who knows how fast it can get. What do you think, would you ever dare to get inside one and go for a ride?

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