The World’s First HOVERBIKE That Is Fully-Manned Has Arrived! Just Like In STAR WARS!

As far back as the beginning of transportation, whenever we look at the future, it involves some type of hovering technology. Ever since the arrival of drone technology, this fantasy is currently closer than at any other time to a reality. A company based in Moscow, has accomplished a successful test of a single-seat Hoverbike, making it the world`s first Hoverbike that is fully-manned. This Hoverbike is powered by two batteries. One is fully electric while the other a hybrid. When it comes to the Hoverbike`s design, it looks like a combination between a Star Wars bike and a quadcopter.

The designers of the world`s first Hoverbike have stated that this can be seen as an instrument for extreme sports. However, it also has a huge potential to be a very significant breakthrough when it comes to the transportation industry. This fully-manned Hoverbike goes by the name of Scorpion 3. In this successful test flight, you can see the Scorpion 3 showcasing its ability while easily maneuvering around the indoor facility. According to sources, Hoversurf, the company behind this Hoverbike, has stated that the Scorpion 3 has a top speed of 31mph. It also has a riding range of 27 minutes on a full battery.

Anyway, ever wondered how to make your own hoverboard? Take a look at this DIY video!