Huge Marine Corps Helicopter Makes An Emergency Landing In The Middle Of A Beach!

A US Marine Corps helicopter had to make an emergency beach landing in San Diego, California. According to sources, the huge CH-53 Super Stallion copter had low oil pressure.

Huge Marine Corps Helicopter Makes An Emergency Landing California 2

Hazardous Materials crews and Firefighters arrived immediately at the spot to investigate a fuel leak. Apparently, the helicopter was performing routine training when the low oil pressure problem occurred. The pilots safely landed the helicopter on Solana Beach and there were no injuries. The pilots and the crew members were well-trained and know precisely what to do in this type of situations. Sgt. Bobbie Curtis stated that the CH-54 Super Stallion is a helicopter with large mission capabilities.

This massive Marine Corps helicopter can assist with many amphibious missions as it can fly from shore to ship very efficiently. No wonder the landing of this gigantic chopper on Solana Beach was a massive surprise to beachgoers and residents alike. One onlooker said that watching the huge helicopter landing on the beach was both surreal and intense.

Among the onlookers was also famous musician Kenny Loggins. No fuel leaked into the ocean as the firefighters who arrived on the scene managed to immediately prevent that from happening.

After the fuel leakage problem was fixed, the Marine`s helicopter was brought back to MCAS Miramar.

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