County Legislator Having A Complete Meltdown During Traffic Stop!

Typically, it`s very normal for the police to pull you over and give you a ticket for traffic violation when you are in fact guilty of violating traffic rules. However, for this NY County Legislator that goes by the name of Jennifer Schwartz Berky, this was major drama. The dash cam on the police car shows Berky getting upset, hyperventilating and crying because she received a ticket for something the police claims she was responsible of. This video was recorded on May 24 and it was a long-suppressed videotape that was released just recently.

NY County Legislator Meltdown 1

Berky`s lawyers wanted to suppress this dash cam footage because it would compromise Berky`s chances for a just trial. However, the town board voted 4-0 in favor to release the footage. You can see this NY County Legislator desperately pleading with the Police Officer not to receive a traffic ticket. According to the Police Officer that goes by the name Gary Short, Berky was driving 43 mph in a 30 mph zone. Berky was defending herself that she was just trying to keep up with traffic.

Afterwards, you can hear Berky mentioning her position as a NY county legislator. This is when things get very bizarre. The county legislator starts crying and tells the Police Officer that she is broke and how she is desperately attempting to find a full-time job. You can see the police officer returning to his car in order to check her registration and license information. This is when Berky starts sobbing and claiming that she has a panic attack due to her PTSD. However, she refuses when the Police Officer asks her if she needs any medical attention. Anyway, make sure to watch it till the end to see what happens next.

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