This Custom Made TOY CAR Can Reach Whooping 70 MPH!

Our love for cars has been around ever since we were little kids. We used to have little toy cars which we even keep some to this day. But there is one little toy car that was our favorite despite everyone had one. We would spend hours and hours driving it around our home or even taking it to the neighborhood. Of course we are talking about the Little Tykes. This amazing childhood memory has been around ever since we were young and it was our most precious toy.

This Custom Made TOY CAR Can Reach Whooping 70 MPH 2

But even though we are adults now, we can still drive one and have fun with it. You must be wondering, well how is that possible when we could not fit into that little toy car anymore? Well, these brothers built a real size one from scratch! Yes, that is right! This little piece of red and yellow plastic gets its own real car version and it looks absolutely amazing. Geof and John Bitmead from the United Kingdom made this dream possible and we are quite excited to take a look at what it looks like.

But guess what? This little car is actually LEGAL to be taken out on the streets and drive it around at whooping speed of 70 MPH! Their original idea was to build it for charity purposes but that plan failed. They are currently selling it for $32,000 thus meaning that you can yet again relive your childhood memories! What do you think about it?