You Don’t See This Every Day! Speeding Police Officer Is Pulled Over By A Concerned Citizen!

When you see police cars speeding way over the speed limit, you usually presume it`s an emergency situation that means life or death. Nevertheless, the citizen in this video didn`t buy that for some reason. He saw a speeding police officer who was driving more than 35 mph over the 55 mph speed limit. He then decided to do the unthinkable, stop the police car and investigate what`s going on. Unfortunately, there is no audio as the guy approaches the police car because the microphone is with the camera in his vehicle. However, it really seems like he is lecturing the police officer. This takes a lot of courage indeed.

To be frank, we are really surprised to see the police officer actually stopping his vehicle. The officer was also very cool with it. It seems like he wasn`t complaining much that he was pulled over by a civilian. When you think about it, the officer could`ve given the civilian a ticket for a broken windshield. We also think that this guy shouldn`t have stopped the police car. In some situations, police officers can speed without their lights turned on in order not to spook the criminal. What we are most interested in though, is your opinions on this matter. Check out the video below and tell us what you think about the speeding police officer.

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