Bizarre Incident: Furious Husband Fills Wife’s Car With Cement After She Changed Her Surname!

In this one, we have a bizarre moment of a furious husband filling his wife`s vehicle with cement. The incident happened in St Petersburg, Russia. The Russian decided to punish her when during a hard time in their marriage his wife decided to change her surname after the supermarket where she works. This was done by her in order to promote the supermarket. The name of the supermarket is Veniy. Her husband knew how much she loved that car, keeping it spotless both inside and out. The entire incident was recorded on camera by one eyewitness who happened there at the bizarre moment.

The name of the furious husband is still unknown. However, he can be seen operating a cement mixing truck. He positions right next to the vehicle and then places the chute right through the vehicle`s open window. Afterwards, a huge load of cement is being poured into the vehicle, filling the entire car. Her changing the surname was actually the last straw. Before that, she had reportedly admitted that she hadn`t been loyal to her husband. As for her decision to change her surname, the supermarket chain, Veniy, has promised to pay $888 per month for those who legally change their last name to that of the supermarket`s brand.

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