Cement Truck Rear Ends a Car and Simply Doesn’t Give a Damn!

From time to time, we came across on some weird and funny video from every day life and some unusual road situation when things are upon its boiling point during the rush hour. That is exactly what we have here in the following video, a situation that perfectly suits in the category of weird and funny at the same time, recorded by other guys, driving down the same street. There is this lady in the car, on a busy highway that decides to cut off a cement truck and ends up being rear ended. And it does not seem to be bothering the truck driver as he keeps on driving as if nothing is happening, but I`m not sure the woman feels the same about it. You can listen to the surprise reaction of the guys who are shooting with the camera!

It is one of those videos in which rude drivers are having a real lessons about how should they behave on the busy city streets and it is pretty funny if you ask me. Check it out and see what I`m talking about.

Finally, this is an ultimate truck crash compilation!

Enjoy the video below!

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