Some Hard Core Truck Drifting By Sylvain Noel – This is How It’s Done!

If drifting is one of the things you really like and respect (as I`m pretty much sure you do), than the video that you are about to see in the following post is one of those that are getting stuck in your mind and later becomes a frequent topic of discussion. One of the reasons about it is that none of us gets an opportunity to see a demonstration of the drifting skills on high level done by a big truck! And that is exactly what we have here in this video. Behind the wheel we have the French pro drifter and driver Sylvain Noel, torring up this great looking Kenworth W900 and showing off just what a skillful guy he is when it comes to all kind of vehicles.

Out on an empty race circuit, only in front of the eyes of a small number of people, Sylvain Noel is drifting, making great rubber burnouts and donuts and thanks to the camera objective, now we all have the pleasure of enjoying his state of the art performance.

So, all you have to do is sit down in you chair comfortably, enjoy this `small spectacle` and learn directly from the maestro Sylvain how it`s done.

Finally, look at this giant truck drifting!