What a Bummer! Ditched Kenworth Log Truck Recovery!

Big and mighty old school Kenworth Log Truck, but fully and heavy loaded with logs got ditched on a curve road. Can it get any worse than this? Of course it can!

Especially if the Tow Truck was not here on time to save the day and set things on the right course, with no, or limited damage.

This bummer has happened on highway 270 West of Hot Springs in Arkansas, when this big truck and his driver got a little bit carried away and could not really handle the road curve on the hill and due to the heavy weight of the trailer, the whole composition got ditched at the side of the road. And as you can imagine, things did not look good and promising and the entire road was blocked for about 35 to 40 minutes, until the tow truck got there and saved the day.

As you will watch the video, you will see just how carefully and skillful the guy in the tow truck is doing his thing. Neither one single log was dropped, nor the truck or its trailer got damaged, just a little bit of mud on it.

Finally if u search for Kenworth Truck Check it out on this link! 

Enjoy the video below!

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