“Mid Engine” Rat Rod 1954 GMC Turbo Diesel Truck! VERY COOL SIN CITY CAR To Make Your Day!

We have seen plenty of muscle cars with their engines outside! So now it is the time for a muscle turbo diesel truck with the whole machine mounted on the bed of the truck! That’s why we invite you to check out this “Mid Engine” Rat Rod Turbo Diesel Truck, directly from the state of Montana to the SEMA exhibition show! This thing looks sick! Not because the engine is green, far from that, but because it looks awesome and we bet it is as equally powerful.

This turbo diesel truck is definitely one of the craziest builds of the Sema Show 2013! And what will surprise you even more by this truck is that it was built in only 10 days! These guys sure know their expert craftsmanship! The truck that was so efficiently built in a very fast time is named “Fermented Fruit”. And the name fits this truck perfectly! This GMC diesel truck was built by “Welder Up Fabrications”. Welder Up Fabrications with a built like this are proving that they are definitely not an ordinary custom shop! The mastermind behind this custom shop is Steve Darnell! The Fermented Fruit will also be featured on a new show on Discovery Channel!

The way this video is filmed is also great. This video is going to show you everything from a close angle. All kinds of details are shown. The engine of this 1954 GMC is a Cummins 6 BT turbo diesel with an industrial injection that can produce 450HP! Don`t get confused when you see the machine, but the turbo is really put backwards. However, one of our favorite mods are the taillights! The taillights on this turbo diesel truck are actually Mason jars that are filled inside with dead beetles! What a cool touch! The wrench at the end is a bonus! Overall, you must admit that this is one very cool Sin City car, thanks to its talented creators!

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Enjoy the video below!

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