Jay Leno Showing Us The FAB FOURS LEGEND JEEP!

I know that I do not have to tell you that the SEMA Show is the best place on planet earth for presentation of some of the most insane machines in the world of vehicles. And this is the reason why we also get to see more and more off-road rides in the popular show “Jay Leno’s Garage”, which is also one of The places on TV, for displaying some of the most impressive rides in the automotive world. Thus, it should not be a surprise why the man is choosing these types of SEMA custom rides to show us on his show, more often. And today`s pick for Jay Leno’s Garage is one outrageous and jaw-dropping machine that really makes a man look at it with his mouth open. It is a highly customized product of the Fab Fours crew, a mean and ominous looking Jeep Wrangler called the Fab Fours Legend!

This monster has a roof section which is chopped four inches, and the entire cabin space has been protected by red-tinted glass. And when one sees it rolling in those 50″ tires, it really leaves an impression of a mean assault ride for the future, or as if it has come out of the big screen from some SF film.

So, I think it would be better if you start watching the video clip right away, and learn everything about this out-of-this-world off-road vehicle called Fab Fours Legend Jeep. And if you want to see more huge off-road rides from 2014 SEMA, click here.