Must See This Very Efficient DIY Blinker Fluid Replacement Tutorial!

We all need to keep up with maintaining items on our cars. And it`s very important that we all pay close attention to a number of things, so we can make sure we are safe on the road. And one of these things is definitely the blinker fluid replacement. This video is made by “ChrisFix”, and he is telling us that if a mechanic offers his/hers hand to service your blinker fluid, find a new mechanic immediately because he/she is ripping you off. “ChrisFix” is showing us all here that making a blinker fluid replacement is a totally do it yourself material. However, before starting the whole process, this you tuber is explaining what safety measures are needed in order to do this by yourself.

The components we need to have for our safety are rubber gloves and goggles. We need goggles because we definitely do not want blinker fluid ending up in our eyes. If blinker fluid ends up in your eyes it will cause uncontrollable blinking until you wash it out. For this DIY maneuver you will also need a funnel, some elbow grease and extra bulbs. Because, why not changing the bulbs as well.

The next step in this blinking fluid replacement tutorial is getting your blinker fluid. He is using two different types of blinker fluid. The advanced full synthetic blinker fluid and the conventional blinker fluid. If you are running LED bulbs, then you`ll want to make sure that you use synthetic blinker fluid. If you are running the regular incandescent bulbs then you can use either the conventional blinker fluid or the synthetic one.

Anyway, the Blinker Fluid is maintaining the operating temperature and it prevents damage of the blinking housing. It extends the bulb life and most importantly it lubricates the flash syncros. Make sure to watch this blinker fluid replacement tutorial so you won`t get ripped off by your mechanic.

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Video credits: ChrisFix