Vladimir Putin Inspects & Unveils The New Combat Vehicle For The Russian Security Service! BATMOBILE SENIOR?!

When it comes to the Russian Security Service and its special forces, we all know they are pretty advanced. And in their latest edition of  The Russian Security Service arsenal, they got a state of the art armored vehicle in the type of a Batmobile! This vehicle is also informally known as The Punisher. It is touted to be a response to our American Humvee. This all happens in the Federal Security Service most recent presentation on operation vehicles held in Moscow! However, no vehicle drags attention as a cutting edge Zil Karatel, armored vehicle! The one with slight appearance to the legendary car from the Batman franchise.

This Batmobile type of armored vehicle for the Russian Special Service was rumored for several years now. Finally, it was unwrapped on Friday in Moscow. It can accommodate 10 people and it includes a V shaped body to efficiently squander blast waves from projectiles or explosions. According to some Russian media, The Punisher unveil gave away some of its specifications. The Punisher is fitted with a Class 6A armor, that is built for protection against ballistic missiles. It has fire openings in the rear doors and on the sides. It also has a rooftop rotating hatch gunner. The paratrooper seats are arranged in a very interesting way. A way that they can sit back to back, giving them a panoramic view.

But this was not all presented at the Russian Security Service meeting. Another armored vehicle produced by KAMAZ  was also unwrapped. It is called the Viking. The Viking is based on the Kamaz-4911 Extreme model. It was originally designed for racing events, such as the Dakar Rally. Another vehicle introduced at the Federal Security Service Board Meeting was an armored Dune Buggy with rally seats.
We just can’t but wonder, why did Putin name this vehicle, the Punisher? Maybe he is a great comic book fan? Maybe he watches the TV show Daredevil! He knows that when The Punisher is to be introduced in Daredevil season 2, he`s going to make The Punisher a pretty cool character!

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